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The BEW masterplan is designed to be fit for the future, stitched into the surroundings to establish integrated communities and placemaking which enables people to be healthy by leading active lifestyles and building with nature in mind.

The overall sustainability vision for the site is based on five defined factors: physical infrastructure, social network, human capital, natural environment and economic aspects. This approach is focused on creating value with the aim to realise real term and tangible benefits. 

Five defined factors of sustianabilty image

Pathway to sustainable development

As illustrated below, the pathway to sustainable outcomes requires global thinking and local action.
The pathway includes the following considerations:


  • Challenges, including climate, biodiversity and health and wellbeing.

  • United Nations (UN) sustainable development goals.

  •  National and local policy.

  • Landowner/client vision.

The emerging strategy for BEW masterplan will follow this hierarchical approach, ensuring that each aspect responds not only to the local policy and context of the site, but with understanding of its regional, national, and global impact and responsibility to mitigate its contribution to the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis, whilst positively facilitating residents to be healthy, happy and well.

Pathway to sustainable development image

A Sustainability Charter

Whilst an aspirational vision from the outset is essential, all too easily can this be lost when progressing through early design phases, outline planning application, reserved matters, construction, and eventual occupation of the development.

To ensure the vision for an exemplary sustainable development is delivered on the ground, a Sustainability Charter will be created. This Charter will capture the key objectives of the development, identify metrics to gauge their success, and set targets against which the development design and operation will be monitored throughout the design and construction process.

Emerging vision

Within each of the capitals, it was also possible to establish a suite of high-level objectives which seek to capture the breadth of the approaches and outcomes sought. Together, these take shape as an emerging vision for the site, which will form the foundation for the emerging Charter and in turn will inform the Sustainability Statement that will be submitted with the application.

Emerging vision tree image
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