Framework Masterplan

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The development will provide:    

  1. 2, 300 homes to be delivered up to 2031, with up to 2,000 homes to be delivered after 2031, including a proportion of affordable housing. The new development will comprise both appropriate extensions to existing settlements and a new separate settlement with its own identity.

  2. A new publicly accessible Linear Park along the Lidsey Rife accommodating new pedestrian and cycle routes, and informal landscape to encourage and support biodiversity including wetland areas, flora and fauna. 

  3. A multifunctional green network of over 100 hectares (250 acres) of public open space including informal open green space, children’s play and sport pitches, allotments, community gardens and orchards; this will cater for a variety of recreational opportunities.

  4. A realigned A29 to relieve pressure on the existing highways network and increase capacity. 

  5. An east to west vehicular connection from Westergate Street to the realigned A29 enhancing connectivity. 

  6. Improved connectivity to Barnham Station, including provision of pedestrian and cycle connectivity.

  7. Additional car parking provision for Barnham station.

  8. Two local centres to support the new homes providing small-scale retail, library facilities, community opportunities and other employment generating uses to serve local needs. The primary local centre will be located within the southern neighbourhood, in close proximity to the sports facilities. A smaller local centre will be provided in the northern neighbourhood.

  9. Two new Primary Schools with early years/nursery and special educational needs provision will be located close to the local centres. 

  10. A range of planting and habitat types to provide opportunities for biodiversity and nature conservation.

  11. A network of pedestrian and cycle links across the allocation that will connect with the surrounding villages.

Housing Numbers

The Arun District Local Plan allocated the site for 3,000 homes, including 2,300 homes within the Local Plan period up to 2031.  Since the adoption of the Local Plan further design and technical work has been undertaken to further understand the site constraints. The careful testing of appropriate housing types and densities, alongside the generous provision of open space of multiple types, demonstrates that the site can comfortably accommodate an increased number of up to 4,300 homes. This takes account of the site constraints, including landscape requirements and ecological features, as well the policy requirements for a community hub, primary schools and other non-residential uses, including any additional infrastructure requirements arising from the increased number of units. The increase is supported in principle by Arun District Council Planning Officers and will ensure that the allocation makes efficient use of the land, in line with the latest government guidance in the National Planning Policy Framework (2019).
The Framework Masterplan seeks to ensure there are services and the infrastructure (i.e. schools, nursery provision, open spaces, drainage and utilities etc.) in place to support the additional homes and to minimise any impacts on existing communities. In addition, any planned off-site improvements, such as junction improvements on the local highway network, will take account of the planned increase in unit numbers. The strategic level mitigation contained within the Framework Masterplan will be further secured by subsequent planning applications for the site which will contain detailed information on how any impacts arising from the development proposals will be mitigated.
It is intended that the first 2,300 homes will be delivered before 2031 (in accordance with the Local Plan) and a further 2,000 homes to be delivered beyond the local plan period, after 2031. The additional housing numbers will help address local housing need in the longer term and allow development to come forward in a comprehensively planned manner with the associated infrastructure in place to support it.

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