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Welcome to the website for the development proposals for the Southern Consortium’s first application for development forming part of the Land at Barnham Eastergate and Westergate (BEW) allocation.  This application includes the land north of the railway line and the A29 realignment south of Barnham Road to the Lidsey bends.

Update April 2024

In April 2024, West Sussex County Council (WSCC) will begin works on the construction of Phase 1 (North) of the new A29 realignment scheme, associated with the Barnham, Eastergate and Westergate (BEW) strategic allocation. WSCC obtained planning permission for this in June 2021 (ref. WSCC/052/20). 

Works will start with the demolition of the Fleurie Nursery glasshouses and ancillary buildings (now to August 2024), for which WSCC has separately obtained planning permission (ref. BN/105/22/DEM).

Following this, there will be a period of site clearance before construction of the road commences (anticipated to start Winter 2024/2025).

These works are led by WSCC and are independent of The Southern Consortium’s planning application for the Barnham Eastergate Westergate allocation. 

Further information can be found of West Sussex County Council’s website.

The application documents are also available to view below:

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